Remote Call Recorder & GPS Locator App for Family & Employees

Technology over the years has come up with the kind of inventions that have helped out human beings in numerous ways. Let’s talk about the contemporary technological creatures such as cell phones, gadgets running with Android and IOS operating systems. Nowadays, everyone owns the mobile phone devices. Strangely young kids and teens have their individual cell phones and gadgets and they used the tech –gadgets all day long and perform plenty of activities.

They use social media apps and do text messages, chat conversations, share media files like photos and videos, audio video calls and Voice messages. Moreover, they also make incoming and outgoing calls on the cellphones. All these activities are worthy enough in modern times. On the other hand, at business organizations employees Use Company’s owned mobile phones and gadgets for personal reasons and often found lazy when it comes to dealing with the customers.

However, employees that are allowed to go outside the premises of the company for marketing and for many other reasons don’t fulfill the tasks and just waste time. Therefore, in a family where guardians as parents want to know about kids unusual business on cellphones calls. Employees, on the other hand, want to track the location of the employees that have sent for company’s tasks and want to record their calls on the company’s gadgets and phones. So, technology has come with call recording and GPS locator apps to keep an eye on children and to track employee’s location and phone calls.

Install cellphone spy software


If you want to get a remote call recorder tool to record and listen to the hidden Voice conversations of children and to track the location of employees. Then you need to have the mobile phone monitoring software. So, you need to get the cellphone surveillance app. Let’s take a look in the following.

Step1: subscribe for mobile phone spy app

First and foremost end user needs to subscribe for the cell phone monitoring software. Once you have done it then you will get the credentials such as passcode and ID. Now you have to install the cell phone tracking app on your children and employees devices.

Step2: Get physical access on the target device

Get physical access on the target cell phone and then get started with the installation process. When you have ended up with the installation process successfully then activate it on the target device of your family member or employees. When you are dealing with the activation process you suddenly see the pop –up on the screen and guide you how to make your cellphone monitoring spyware sneaky or hide it on the device. Either you want to hide the icon or not up to use, just choose the option and after that activate the spy app for the cellphone on the target device.

Step3: Get access to spy phone app online control panel

Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and get access to the features. You will be able to get your hands on the remotely call recording and GPS location tracker. Let’s get to know what these tools are capable of in detail in the below.

Secret call recorder

You can use a remote secret call recorder on your targeted cellphone devices of your kids and teens and as well as your employees. You can record and listen to the calls on the target device incoming and outgoing of your employees and children and you can save the recording over the internet. Parents and employers can listen to the recorded phone calls conversations respectively and get to know what they are talking about on devices.

GPS location tracker

Parents and employers can track the location of the children and employees whenever needed with location tracking app of the mobile spy software. The end user can track the current and exact location of the employees and children respectively. Moreover, the user can track weekly location history and further can mark safe and restricted areas for children and employees respectively. It really helps out parents and employers to keep tabs on the employees and children cellphone calls and GPS location.


Cellphone spy software is the best and ultimate tech –gift that provides you remote call recording and GPS location tracking tools for family and employees.